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Ubuntu Mate Desktop 0

Cheers Mate

If you didn’t know already, the Mate desktop version of Ubuntu is now an official flavour. This is great news for those who are fans of both Ubuntu and the Mate desktop. The Mate desktop is a continuation of Gnome 2 and has become popular with several types of Linux user…

KDE Plasma 5 on KaOS 0

Plasma is Getting Hot

KDE’s Plasma 5.2 was released last month and I thought that it was time for me to give it a trial run. Having tried KDE’s previous iterations in the past, I was always disappointed with experience, even if at the same time, it did appear to be at the forefront of desktop innovation…

Screenshot of Arch Linux Desktop 0

Learn Linux with Arch

For those just getting started in Linux or not technically minded, then Arch Linux is probably not the distribution for you, but if you fascinated by GNU / Linux as I am and interested to learn more about how it works, then you have to give Arch Linux a try.

Bluefish Screenshot 0

Web Design with FOSS

GNU / Linux is a great development platform. Whether you’re writing code for applications, games, mobile or the web, all the tools you’ll need are at your fingertips. I’ve been using Linux for the last 5 months now to run my web design business and every job I need to accomplish has been completed using free and open source software.