Monthly Archive: March 2015

Photo of Moto G 0

Moto G – Best in Class

I’ve been using my Motorola Moto G now for over a year and having experienced numerous Windows, iOS and Android phones in the past, I have to say that this really is a best in class mobile phone…

Ubuntu Mate Desktop 0

Cheers Mate

If you didn’t know already, the Mate desktop version of Ubuntu is now an official flavour. This is great news for those who are fans of both Ubuntu and the Mate desktop. The Mate desktop is a continuation of Gnome 2 and has become popular with several types of Linux user…

Sunrise at Eckington Church 1

Eckington Winter Photos

I was able to get out with the camera the other day and took some quick shots around the church in Eckington and across the river Moss as I headed up to Mosborough…