Monthly Archive: December 2014

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Computing for Less Than £160

How much would it take to get yourself up and running with a modern, sophisticated and capable computer setup in 2015? Well, a decent 2-5 year second hand Macbook will likely set you back by between £400 – 500. How about picking up a second hand ex-Windows machine for £150 and installing the free GNU / Linux operating system?

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Taking Responsibility

On Thursday this week, the BBC broadcast an episode of its flagship current affairs program ‘Apple’s Broken Promises’ – – which seems to have stirred up a bit of a whirlwind. Apple is not at all happy about the content of the programme, but the BBC is standing by its claims made.

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Distro-hopping and my Desktop

I think I’ve finally settled on a GNU/Linux distribution – at least for now. Anyone who’s tried Linux before will no doubt be aware of the numerous Linux distributions available. A Linux distribution is collection of GNU/Linux components, desktop environments and software programs…

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December Photos

It’s been a cold month so far, but I can’t complain too much. The lower temperatures have provided me with some wonderful photo opportunities, by forcing me to stay indoors or by enabling a clear atmosphere for sharper, crisper scenes.